University of Iowa Policy on Sexual Harassment -- UI Operations Manual

Related Policies


  • The purpose of this policy is to prevent harassment within the Universitry of Iowa community and to provide a process for addressing harassment if and when it does occur.


  • The University of Iowa encourages its faculy, staff, and students to make good faith disclosures of University-related misconduct. The University, therefore, wishes to make clear that it considers acts or threats of retaliation in response to such disclosures to constitute a serious violation of University policy.

Sexual Misconduct Involving Students

  • In December 2008, The University of Iowa adopted this new policy addressing sexual misconduct involving students, including sexual assault and sexual harassment.   This policy overlaps with other University policies against violence and sexual harassment, identifying resources and support that are available to students who may be victims of sexual misconduct as well as to students who have been accused of violating the policy.

Consensual Relationships

  • No faculty member shall have a romantic and/or sexual relationship, consensual or otherwise, with a student who is enrolled in a course being taught by the faculty member or whose academic work is being supervised, directly or indirectly, by the faculty member.

Faculty Ethics & Responsibilities

  • The basic functions of the University are the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, the development of critical intelligence, and the education of citizens and professional workers for the society of which the University is a part.

Policy on Violence

  • Violence, whether actual or threatened, destroys the mutual trust which must bind members of the community if they are to be successful in pursuing truth. The University therefore wishes to make clear that it considers acts and threats of violence to constitute serious violations of University policy.

Staff Ethics & Responsibilities

  • Staff members will adhere to ethical standards of professional conduct and act in a manner consistent with the University's mission and core values for excellence, learning, community, diversity, integrity, respect, and responsibility.